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Introducing Breakthrough in Performance Nutrition for fitness


Welcome to the first official blog of BODYFUELZ . Here we will talk about high performance nutrition and how BODYFUELZ will help you peak your performance.

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BODYFUELZ – the Creator of the revolutionary nutrition concept for high performance in the Indian market today. Research collaborating with Dr. Nutrition,Singapore we have created the most advanced 21st century nutrition supplement to help world class sports players, serious bodybuilders and strength training athletes to consistently reach peak performance.


AMINONUTRITON – Proteins are popularly known as the building blocks of life. And, proteins are formed by the bonding of amino acids. Your muscles are made up of these amino acids.

In fact, 90% of muscles in the human body are made from 4-5 specific ergogenic Amino Acids. Replenishing these specific Ergogenic Amnio Acids at the specific time is the new revolutionary concept – AMINONUTRITION.


Most people swear by Whey protein to build muscles. From Arnold to Ronnie, they used to take Whey Protein to build huge mass and lift heavy weights. We are not disputing that age old gyan!

But protein supplements do not provide the necessary AMINONUTRITION at the most crucial moment.Only pure crystalline Amino Acids can provide the necessary nutrition at the crucial moment.

Add to that Whey protein is quite taxing on the body and takes longer time to show results. Unless you are extremely disciplined in weight training and diet planing you definitely don’t want to take whey protein!

What you should be taking is – AMINONUTRITION. In its crystalline form it requires zero preparation, and starts showing the amazing results you want in 3-6 months.

This blog singular aim is to teach on how you can get the ultimate workout everytime you work those muscles.We are also going to tell you on how you can work more, train hard and reach peak performance without reaching exhaustion at a faster rate.

Who should use AMINONUTRITION?

Here is the list of the kind of people who can use AMINONUTRITION:

Personal Trainers: Using AMINONUTRITION products you can help your client reach their fitness goals faster. It could be weight loss, muscle gain or strength and stamina. May we suggest that you give AMINONUTRITION as part of their diet plan?

Bodybuilders: AMINONUTRITION is the ground breaking next generation nutrition supplement which will help you experience the ultimate workout every time you hit the gym. Planning to get more strength and gain lean mass? AMINONUTRITION will give you enough power to lift heavier weights like never before. With AMINONUTRITION you will train more intensely, hit more muscle fibres and lift heavier weights without reaching failure rates you normally would.

You could be a serious bodybuilder aiming for competing anywhere in India AMINONUTRITION will help you win competitions. If you aim to gain ripped, lean muscle with superb definition you should be thinking about AMINONUTRITION.

Sports Coach: As a sports coach you are always pushing your players to reach peak performance during their matches on consistent basis. We believe AMINONUTRITION is the product for your player. With scientific coaching, adequate rest, balance diet and correct supplements, you can dream of taking your player to the 2012 London Olympics. Call us or mail in to know more

Gym Owners: If you own a gym anywhere in India and have customers asking for your opinion, why not suggest AMINONUTRITION? It is lighter (only 6-8 calories) than whey protein. AMINONUTRITION requires no preparation shows immediate results. Get in touch with us to know more on how we you can help your customers give best satisfaction in terms of nutrition and diet planning.

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So, if you fall into any of the above categories get in touch with us via mail ( or call us (044-42014141) for FREE samples and diet counselling.

Alternatively, you could also drop in your mail id in our comment column and we will definitely get in touch with and give you free diet counselling and bodybuilding, weight loss and fitness tips.

Check out our website to know more about us –


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