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Fitness and Nutrition on the job


We have been counselling some of India’s top Sports Players, Athletes and Sports Coaches on the importance of sports nutrition, the required portion for consumption and specialized diet programs for top performance in their respective games. And we have seen some tremendous success in that.

Sushil Kumar’s win at the Beijing Olympics 2008 is a feather in our cap! We worked closely with him to fine tune his highly intensive training program and helped him gain muscle mass while keeping the body lean and agile. Hardcore training, top metal conditioning and the right nutrition at the right time, eventually helped him during his medal winning game at the Olympics.

We realise that specialized guidance on fitness and nutrition will also help executives who work sitting in front of the computer or work station for extended periods of time . Spending hours in front of the computer leads to muscle tension, stiffness and strain in neck, arms, wrists, hands, back, hips and legs. This finally leads to Deep Vein Thrombosis. In India, there are many working executives and senior management personals having similar problems or on their way to into it.

Here are few tips by Ryan Fernando, Sports Nutriton specialist, BODYFUELZ. Ryan is a Sports Nutrition specialist.

  Here are some of the tips which can be followed during office hours:

  •  It is important to eat at regular intervals, ideally every 3-5 hours. This helps to keep blood sugar levels stable. Skipping meals or reducing your calorie intake does not help control weight in the long term.


  • It is not necessary to cut meat out of your diet. Instead, buy the leaner cuts and trim off any fat. It is also recommended to eat oily fish (tuna, mackerel and herrings) at least 3 times a week as they contain the beneficial Omega 3 oil.


  •  Try to eat smaller meals ( 5-6 small portions)


  • Limit yourself to 1-2 cups of tea/coffee a day. Tea has lesser content of caffine.Therefore Tea is a better alternative than coffee.


  • Try to eat more vegetables with chappathis, salad at lunch. Avoid rice.


  • Try to eat a fruit at 11 am and 4.30 pm.


  • Keep your own water bottle at your desk.Consume 1 litre throught the day.


  • Take a multi vitamin with breakfast.


  • Join yoga, excerise or dance class. Go three times a week.



  It is the lack of proper nutrition and failure to stretch which gets you fatigued at work due to inactive muscles.

Most important – take regular breaks with 6 meals. Keep in mind that your meals should be in small proportions.

Confused on the right proportion to take? Close your fist and that should be the size of food you should take.



Finally make sure your body gets the right amount of  nutrition as its fuel.

Try using our AMINONUTRITION products called PWRSPORTS. BODYFUELZ PWRSPORTS contains the right amount of pure amino acids to keep you energized, mentally alert and hence improve your productivity all through the day!

You can easily carry a PWRSPORTS sachet in your pocket.  It is easy carry and very tasty. What’s more, one Power Sports sachet has only 6.5 calories!

Drop in your comments, thoughts or call/ mail us and we will send you free samples to experience our products

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One Response to “Fitness and Nutrition on the job”

  1. Nutrition and exercise is definalty essential to the body being healthy and full of energy. Sometimes the way that we cook and prepare our foods without realizing we take away the nutritional content that the food naturally contains. Fruits and Vegetables are always associated with being healthy but knowing which ones to choose and what they contain. Preparation of vegetables just by steaming them keeps all there nutritional value, however boiling them is not a good idea it boils literally everything the veggie has to offer away. Keeping fruits and vegetables conveniently cleaned and cut up in containers in the fridge for the easy on the go snack is an easy way to making that healthier choice than quickly stopping at the convenience store for a chocolate bar on the go. Taking a little extra time a couple of times a week preparing some on the go snacks definatly pays off in the long run.

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