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On how vegetarians face great risk in their diet


If you are a vegetarian or recently converted to vegetarianism, we have some interesting new for you.

Read on…

Being Vegetarian:

You are a vegetarian because you believe that a food devoid of red meat and/or other animal products will give you a low-fat, high fibre content and a well balanced food. Also, ethical issues of animal cruelty, environmental problems due to animal farming and fear of foot and mouth disease, may have convinced to go vegan.

But did you know a vegetarian diet is almost devoid of a very important nutrient which helps in supply of energy to your body? That nutrient is called L-Carnitine.

But first let take a look at the risks and benefits of vegetarian diet.

Benefits of a Vegetarian diet

  • Lower intake of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol
  • High intake of Vitamins
  • Higher intake of anti-oxidants nutrients
  • Higher intakes of fibres
  • Higher intake of purines.

Risks of a Vegetarian Diet

  • Low consumption of L-Carnitine
  • Low than required consumption of Vitamin B12
  • Low iron consumption
  • Lower Zinc, Iodine and selenium consumption
  • Lower protein consumption & lower protein quantity of plant food.

What L-Carnitine does for you:

As we mentioned earlier, L-Carnitine plays a key role in providing energy in your body. It basically transports fatty acids into your body cells, burns it inside mitochondria (oxidation) and thus releases energy. This makes L-Carnitine the most natural ,effective and safest nutrient for fat burning and energy generation for your body.

Why should you consume L-Carnitine?

Though, a vegetarian diet can be a healthy choice and has various benefits, there are some nutritional risks associated with being a vegetarian. Animal products such as lamb, beef and pork contain the highest amount of dietary L- Carnitine. Lower levels of L-Carnitine are found in dairy products. In many plants foods, L-Carnitine level cannot be even detected.

Therefore other than the limited amount naturally produced by the body, strict vegetarians have negligible sources of this nutrients.

The best source of L-Carnitine for vegetarians is by dietary supplements from non-animal based products to meet the nutritional requirements.

BODYFUELZ FATBURNER contains the right dosage of natural L-Carnitine

Facts & Benefits of L-Carnitine:

  • It is naturally made in your body but in limited quantity.
  • It is the natural approach to weight management
  • It is essential for a healthy heart
  • It boost immune function
  • Improves mental alertness
  • Good for skin texture and hair growth

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One Response to “On how vegetarians face great risk in their diet”

  1. Hi, i read this blog…

    I do agree that vegetarian diet has a great risk due to lack of macro nutrients like protein and micronutrients like B12 vitamins, zinc, etc… but here.. the solution is supplementation of amino acids, protien and multivitamins ! and not fat burners!!

    L carnitine comes in the picture only when the person is eating healthy and balanced meal and exercsing but not losing any fat!
    As a nutritionist, fat burner is the last resort that one should take and that too with consultation of a dietitian and a nutritionist who is ready to take responsibility of the side effects in case any….

    Anjum Shaikh
    Nutritionist and Weight managements Consultant

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