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Our Mission at BODYFUELZ

We love everything about fitness and nutrition. We love talking about it. We enjoy researching on it. And we absolutely relish talking about and helping sports players, athletes and fitness enthusiasts reach their fitness goals through diet/nutrition counselling. We don’t call ourselves as Pioneers in Sports Performance Nutrition for nothing.

At BODYFUELZ we release products keeping our users in mind.  Our long association with some of the top players and athletes in India has helped in identifying and addressing requirements in terms of their fitness, nutrition and dietary needs.

It is our singular mission to help players and athletes win games.

BODYFUELZ regularly interact with  leading sports training centres, dietitians,coaches, personal trainers from all corners of India. We have been doing it for 5 years.

Now our products are well accepted by leading sports players and athletes in India.

In our observation and various trials conducted, we see sports players reduce their fatigue levels, improve lean muscle mass and get more strength and stamina through AminoNutrition.

But here is the good part.

BODYFUELZ is not exclusive for sports players. We help fitness enthusiasts to reach their fitness goals. People who are planning to reduce their weight, get fit or develop lean muscle mass , we are giving regular nutrition and fitness guidance as well. 

Drop in your comments with your queries and contact coordinates and we will tell you how.


 And if you can convince us that you are a sports player or a serious fitness enthusiast, mail to to experience BODYFUELZ sports and fitness nutrition products


Also why not check our power point presentation here at: 


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