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Please Say No to DOPE!

Doping is a plague which has been haunting Indian Athletics Community for a long time. Actually it started on a serious note during end of 1990’s. The recent case of Manika Devi facing a 2 year ban on being tested positive for taking banned substance has once again opened a can of worms which once again threatens to cast a long shadow over our CWG2010 preparation.

Players take steroids and drugs to enhance their performance in their game. They want to win games at all cost. But the thing is, no matter what they use and whatever combination they use to cloak the use any of the banned substances it is bound to show. Cases are documented where traces of banned substance found in athletes and players blood stream even after 5 years of usage.

Premier anti-doping agencies like NADA (National Anti Doping Agency) and WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) have strict rules and procedures in tracking of players participating in the International Sporting Arena. Here is the link to the list of banned substances by WADA – 2009 :


But why DOPE?

As pioneers in the field of nutrition and supplements in sports performance nutrition category we are serious concerned about players involved in doping. We have a very simple question for them:


Doping not only leads to shortening of a promising sports career but also causes long term effects on the body.  It also shows the country you represent on a bad light.

So, why Dope?

 We at BODYFUELZ have designed and produced our Ergogenic Amino Acids based products under dope free conditions. This means, players can take MUSCLEMAX, PWRSPORTS and FASTCHARGE, get the same effects what a steroids or dope does and yet go completely go DOPE FREE!

Our free diet and nutritional counselling to players who have been using our products have been able to win games at all State, National and International levels.



You can call us, talk to us or mail us to find how we can help you in your game or your fitness goals.



Ph: 044-42014141

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