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BODYFUELZ Products: Is it safe?

We get lots of calls and mails from our customers asking 2 questions:

  • Are your products safe?
  • Do they have any side effects?

We have been talking to them on person to person basis and assuring all our customers on the products. Now we are blogging about it.

Let’s tackle the first question: Are BODYFUELZ products safe to use?

The answer is a vehement YES!

BODYFUELZ products are absolutely safe to use for all sports players, athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
Keeping all rules and regulation in mind we have made sure the products are manufactured under dope and hormone free conditions.

Sushil Kumar, Akhil Kumar, Sandeep Sarkaria,Vijender Singh and other leading sports players take our products. These players are national and international level players and they are constantly monitored for Dope testing. In the past 5 years we have been operation there was not a single case of a player , athlete or a bodybuilder been tested postive for doping or use of banned substance unde any dope testing scanner.

This goes on to show that BODYFUELZ products are completely free from dope.

Now on the second question: Do they have any side effects?

One of the products which we have is FAT BURNER. FAT BURNER contains l-Carnitine which is a safe and natural fat burner. Incidentally Carnitine is also part of the ingredients which makes up Lactogen. Lactogen is given to new born babies.

And FAT BURNER contains only L-Carnitine. It simply means that our product FAT BURNER can give no side effects when taken under a good dietician/nutritionist guidance.

PWRSPORTS designed for sports players and athletes are made of corn soy and they are pure amino acids in crystalline form which will directly be absorbed by the muscles.

is the ideal sports performance nutrition to enhance strength and stamina.
The ingredients are: Maltitol, Amino Acids (L- Glutamine,L-Arginine HCL,Lysine HCL,L-Luecine, L- Isoleucine, L- Valine), Citric Acid, Calcium CMC .

contains the right combination of Glutamine, Arginine and BCAA. These Ergogenic Amino Acids help in developing lean muscle mass and they absolutely have no side effects.

We would like to once again reaffirm our commitment to all our customers – players, athletes and fitness enthusiast that our products very safe with nil side effects and completely dope free.

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