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Who should be taking BODYFUELZ products?

At BODYFUELZ, we are constantly trying to understand ways and means to reach our customers and get close to them as much as possible.

The idea is to understand what our customers want and give it to them when they want it the most.

As part of our first discussion we tried to understand who should be using BODYFUELZ products. Basically, we tried to narrow down our core audience.

We first segmented the market and market the segment.  There is no point in being everything to everyone.

So today we wanted to let make it clear who can use and benefit our products:

Designed for Sports Players:

BODUFUELZ is a sports performance nutrition company. We are specialists in helping players reach peak performance through right nutrition and dietary supplements. Designed to help sports players and endurance athletes by supplying AminoNutrition (free form amino acids) directly to muscles during their game play our performance nutrition ensures speedier delivery of nutrition to exercising muscles and thus keeping the muscles fresh. Performance Nutrition is specifically designed for consumption while playing or practicing.

Our products also prevent the onset of injuries which usually affects players who are into high intensity games.

The combination of PWRSPORTS (for strength and stamina), FASTCHARGE (sports rehydration for muscles to reduce fatigue and prevent cramps) and MUSLCEMAX (to develop explosive power and muscles) is the perfect nutrition supplement program, designed keeping the Indian Athlete in mind.

Our Glucosamine product is one of the best nutrition supplements to prevent knee injuries. Specially designed keeping the high performance athlete in mind and to help him prevent and reduce his/her injuries during his career.

Any talented sports player deserves to play for as long as he wants. His dreams and ambitions should never be cut short due to injuries.

Glucosamine makes sure that a sports player never goes in to such a situation.

Lean Muscle Mass for Fitness Enthusiasts:

Lot of people hit the gym everyday to develop the lean muscle look. Scientifically we call it the Lean Muscle Mass.

Lean is In!

Our AMINONUTRITION dietary supplementation are customized for fitness enthusiast who want develop lean, ripped and well defined muscle mass and maintain proper weight ratio.

We tell our customers that if you want the ripped look of John Abraham or Shahid Kapoor the best choice is to follow a proper diet, regular workout and the current nutrition. MUSCLEMAX takes care of that nutrition supplementation.

For Weight Loss Program:

Our FAT BURNER based on L-Carnitine is an excellent natural fat burner supplementation. Being a complete vegetarian product, FAT BURNER can be taken by people of age groups with zero side effects.

Hardcore Supplementation for Serious Bodybuilders:

Bodybuilders are a serious lot. Fanatics when it comes to lifting weights. They are carved out of a different stone. They gain pleasure in pain. They are warriors of rough breed. For them Nutrition Supplementation is worship.

MUSCLEMAX is hardcore stuff to develop lean muscle mass. The deadly combination of Whey Protein with AminoNutrition MUSCLEMAX is perfect nutrition supplementation to develop massive mass with hardcore ripped muscles.

So there you have the list on the kind of people who can use our products. As always we welcome all queries and feedbacks about us.

Get to know more about us at  BODYFUELZ

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