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Book Review by Rashmi Bansal – Editor Jam Mag

We just came across a good book review by Rashmi Bansal in her blog Youth Curry- Insight on Indian Youth . Rashmi Bansal is the editor of Jam Mag .

She is also the author of the best selling book Stay Hungry Stay Foolish. We recomed this book to all our customers who want to find the life path they want to follow.


In here blog post ,she is has reviewed  the book Dont lose your mind lose your weight 

Our thoughts on this.

 We loved this quote from the book as well .

“There is no such thing as going ‘on or ‘off’ your diet. Eating correctly is a lifelong commitment, and the diet should be a reflection of this.”

Eating correctly is a lifelong commitment indeed! People who walk and enrol into diet programs or weight loss programs don’t realize that such fads never last long. It is searching for short solutions for a long problem.

But do remember weight loss program differ from person to person. One needs to understand their height, weight, fat ratio and the kind of food they eat before getting to any diet/nutrition program. 

We at BODYFUELZ have made it a mission to provide free diet and nutrition counselling on usage of our products. 

Wanna lose weight and get fit ? Follow the following simple rules.

  • Eat right and eat 6 small  portions a day instead of 3 big meals. 
  • Eat simple and love what you eat
  • Follow the combination of balanced diet, good exercise, dietary supplements and adequate recovery. 

Great review and we recommend all you guys to check it out here

Book review: Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight

Don’t lose your mind, lose weight is written by well known personal trainer Rujuta Diwekar


We definitely recommend this book . 

Watch out for her official website soon to be out here :

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