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BODYFUELZ in News: Fueling Rajasthan Royals of IPL

Look who has featured us Online!

Deccan Chronicle has come out with this article today here : City Firm fuels Rajasthan Royals .

Our sports re hydration drink FASTCHARGE  has been designed keeping the Indian sports players and endurance athlete in perspective , under Indian climatic conditions.


We now have an apt reason to scream at roof tops if  Shane Warne and his Co wins the match against Delhi Daredevils

Here is why we are different!

Unlike other sports rehydration drink available in the market,FASTCHARGE not only replenishes the body with the electrolytes but also vitamins and other  minerals lost.

BODYFUELZ FASTCHARGE is the most scientific way to rehydrate,replenish and recharge a player during a game/training via the three systems :


FASTCHARGE is an excellent re-hydration drink for this Indian summer season.



BODYFUELZ are pioneers in manufacture and marketing of next generation Sports Performance  Nutrition supplementation based on AMINONUTRITION.  Our products help sports players, endurance athelets, serious bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to reach their fitness goals.

If you want to know how we can help you reach your fitness plans, get in touch here :

mob : 98845-92632

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