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Meeting Satyam Cinemas CTO for Diet and Nutrition Counselling

There are two things you will notice about Ranjit Melarkode , CTO of Satyam Cinemas,when you meet him the first time. One, that he is really tall. And two, he is incredibly smart.

He walked into our office today (16.05.09) morning around 11am casually dressed, very chilled and  knew what he wanted from us .

That made our job really easy!

Ranjith is the Chief Technology Officer of the most happening hangout in town – Satyam Cinemas. If you are in Chennai and haven’t visited Satyam Theaters , you are definitely missing something. Apart from world class theater-, Satyam has the out- of- the-world gaming zone called – BLUR. Then you have ID , where you get to eat lip smacking, mouth watering South Indian dosa, idly, appam , pongal.. etc.

Don’t forget to visit Ecstasy where you get the best desserts in city.And this dude is the tech brain behind the whole experience of Satyam Cinemas. Ask him what future plans he has for Satyan Cinemas and he will wow you!

During a counselling session we invite our customers to our office, calculate his/her fat ratio , analyse their diet intake and then work out customized diet, nutrition and fitness plans.

Why we do it ? Simply because we are really good at it ! We have been running seminars at some of the top gyms in the country for the past 4 years. We have worked with some of the top Indian athletes, fitness enthusiasts , bodybuilders in their muscle building and weight loss programs.

We specialize in Performance Nutrition. We are the first and the only Indian company which has expertise in AMINONUTRITION : The next generation Sports Performance Nutrition.

Ranjith wanted to 2 things sort out. First , instead of working out 2 days a week, he wanted to find time to hit the gym 5-6 days a week. Second ,he gets tired in the evenings, and so wanted to know how he could remove fatigue out of his system. He also wanted to gain muscles and burn fat. Fair enough!

Ryan first collected information on his consumption pattern and then calculated the calorie intake. It was then compared to what amount of calories he needs every day for his regular body function. And then we collected information on his medical history.

We were quite happy to see  that he eating habits good, regular and simple. So there was no need to change his diet. We then shifted our focus on his fitness and nutrition supplement . And then we customized his nutrition supplement plan which will help him reach his fitness goals : Reduce fatigue, build muscles and burn fat. We will now monitor his progress and tweak his fitness regime to get the best results.

Before he left , he shared some of his gyan on how we could improve our website redesign and what we should be doing to make our website more user friendly and how we can make it easy for our customers to have a safe and enjoyable experience to buy our products online.  He should know what he is talking about. After all, he is the guy who makes sure you get the cinematic experience at the Satyam Cinemas.

If you want your free diet and nutrition counselling done , mail us about your fitness goals at

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  1. Well written, Vikas

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