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Planning a New Website and we would love to have your ideas

Things are heating up in our office over unveiling of a brand new website for BODYFUELZ. If things go according to plan we will have a beta version up and running by the first week of June.

The idea behind having a new website is that we see a lot of interest and doubts and queries coming in via our online “contact us ” section. And after talking to customers who meet us online we got some real Indian consumer insights. And biggest of them all is that not everyone wants a big mass body.

Lean , apparently, is truly in! People want strength,stamina, endurance, power and ripped muscles.

People love improving their lifestyle , even better , they love talking about it to someone who cares enough! We care!

And it is equally important for us that we understand each individuals fitness goals so that we give them highly customized fitness, diet and nutrition counselling. Hence we have a company policy that whoever gets in touch with us , we offer them free diet and nutrition counselling.

If you are an endurance athlete , we will help you improve your fitness levels so you may improve your stamina and strength. if you are in weight training we will help you build more muscle .

If you are into weight loss program then we are going to tell you exactly how to lose weight and how to do it slow ,steady and safe. We offer no quick fire secret fat burning techniques. Instead,we will work with you day in and day out as long as you are passionate about your fitness as we will be to help you reach your fitness goals.

And all this is coming free for you !

So the new website will have :

  • More of information on AMINONUTRITION.
  • Easy access to information you need . Usability is more important than design.

  • Great Service to our customers. Our differentiating factor is that we design our dietary supplement specific to common Indian man/woman. We maintain stringent quality in our products. Quality and easy of usage is paramount. That’s why we designed MUSCLEMAX, FITNEZ,PWRSPORTS in granular form and packed in sachets which will fit comfortably in your pocket. You can carry it easily when you workout or running in treadmill or cycling at high speeds. All you need to do is rip open the pack, pop it in your mouth, take a sip of water to wash it down . That’s it! You just supplied the best nutrition your body can have directly to the muscles. In 15 minutes your body is thriving on high end nutrition for great performance.
  • Easy to buy : We will make online buying simple and straightforward. All you need to do is chose what you want and order it online .
  • More payment Options : Earlier we only used to have pay pal system. You will soon be able to buy via debit card/cash/cheque/DD/Fund transfer .
  • Free Delivery : When you purchase our products , we deliver it to you free of cost anywhere in India. You get 10% off on all our products and 20% discount on purchase crossing Rs.5000 on MRP.
  • Toll Free Number : We have set up a toll free number where, as an online customer you may call in with your unique number to get free diet and nutrition counselling from our Sports Nutritionist .
  • Collaborative Working : We would love to talk to your sports coach/nutritionist/dietitian/personal trainer and help you better you better your workouts so that you get the best fitness training. Because they understand you and your body requirements better . We again offer our advice completely free of cost .

Help us improve with ideas and features :

We are looking out for ideas on how to make the website more user friendly in terms of design and usability and features. Call it crowd sourcing if you will, but we would love to hear from you guys on what you would like to have in the new website .

You have a new feature in mind or maybe a design idea or new interactive application that we can include ? Let us know. We would love to work on it .

The big question everyday in our office is : How can we improve our wellness and fitness services reach people in all walks on life.

Let us know what information on fitness, nutrition, supplementation you need and we will sort it out. Ryan Fernando will give you customized solutions to all your fitness aspirations.

Mail in with your queries at or call in at 1800-200-4500

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