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Wanna lose weight ? Read e mails

As weired as the headline sounds, in the same breath it is very interesting.

We came across  Too Fat? Read Your E- mail article from the TIME magazine.The article talks about a researched and published study by American  Journal of preventive medicine on how email reminders to people helped them become more health consious and lead a healthier lifestyle.


Our take :

Excellent idea ! Sending customized e mail reminders to customers to take consicious decision to lead a healthy life  will go a long way in building a better and healthier India.

Imagine you are in your office working and you get a reminder from BODYFUELZ asking you to get up from the seat , walk to water cooler in the second floor , fill your water bottle and come back – wouldnt that be great ?

Imagine another reminder end of the month from BODYFUELZ to renew your gym membership or say set your google calender to remind you wake up at 6 am to go for a nice run , wouldnt that be nice ?

Such a system will not only help health care and wellness companies get closer to their clients but more importantly build close knit relationship and trust. Trust , by the way, is a rare commodity between a consumer and a comapany these days.

In future, companies can send sms reminders to their clients with health tips ,remind them about re ordering the products, run contests exclusively … options are galore!

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