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Top Ten Ways Carnitine Enhances Sports Performance

Here are the most important reasons why Carnitine should be taken by athletes:

  • Carnitine helps the body become more metabolically efficient in a large number of ways, all of which benefit athletic performance.
  • Carnitine help the body burn more fat during endurance exercises.
  • Carnitine enhances carbohydrates metabolism, helping the body burn sugars more effectively as well.
  • Carnitine lowers the lactate ratio and increases  Pyruvate ratio. This enhances metabolic efficiency and therefore energy production in muscle cells. This means more Pyruvate (a relatively new supplement to the athletic and sports nutrition) will be available for energy production, and less lactate will build up to cause the “burn” that slows performance.
  • An optimal level of Carnitine lowers levels of Acetyl CoA (an important molecule in metabolism) in the mitochondria that build up during exercise. Excess Acetyl CoA gums up the mitochondria and slows energy production. Carnitine’s ability to mop it up is very important. It is another way in which Carnitine optimizes energy production and maximizes athletic performance.
  • Carnitine directly increases the activity of respiratory chain (energy releasing) enzymes in muscles, therefore increasing the ability of the body to make more energy.
  • Carnitine significantly reduces muscle pain and tenderness after exercises.
  • Carnitine reduces heart rate during exercises longer, especially at maximum work load.
  • Carnitine helps untrained athletes exercise longer, especially those who have limited endurance.
  • Carnitine prevents the formation of lipid peroxides during exercises, a sign that it is protecting tissues from free radicals during endurance sports.
  • Carnitine: The best nutrient for weight loss, for most of the population. The  concentration of carnitine is the most important factor governing the rate of fat metabolism.

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