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Ergogenic Amino Acids for Enhanced Performance

Our body is made up of thousands of proteins. All growth, repair, maintenance of the body system are dependent up on them.

The major structural component of muscle next to water (70%) is protein (20%).

And Proteins are made up of 20 different kinds of amino acids in various combinations. Hence amino acids are called the “Building Blocks” of the body that makes up the protein.

Certain Amino acids must be supplied through the diet: those are called Essential Amino Acid. Others which are manufactured with in the body are “Non Essential Amino Acids”. Only some specific amino acids play a crucial role in the muscle structure and its growth- hence directly linked to performance. These amino acids are called Ergogenic Amino Acids.

Scientific studies have shown that during intense physical activity like aerobic training and cardiovascular workouts, the body uses up considerable amounts of amino acids. This leads to depletion of the body’s store of Ergogenic amino acids.  A shortage of these Ergogenic amino acids during a physical activity can impact your performance negatively.

Therefore to ensure a winning performance, your body must receive sufficient amounts of Ergogenic amino acids when you are involved in high intensity physical activity like fitness and sports.

Thus Ergogenic amino acids can provide additional benefits when added to a carbohydrate / electrolyte sport drink like:

1. Delivers more energy to working muscle.

2. Extends endurance.

3. Reduce muscle breakdown and damage.

Replenishing the depleted Ergogenic amino acids during a period of physical activity is called Amino Nutrition.

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