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Use Creatine during Off Season Only

Your body naturally produces Creatine in the liver, pancreas and kidney which is transported to muscles where it is converted to Creatine Phosphate (C-P System). This high-powered metabolite is used to regenerate the muscles’ ultimate energy source, ATP (adenosine triphosphate). It is an important bodybuilding supplement as it helps in protein synthesis.

Creatine has been the main stay supplement for athletes around the world. However creatine works on the C-P system which is creatine-phosphate system. This system will have reserves for a maximum of 6sec. Most games work beyond the zone of 6sec with the exception of power lifting and weight lifting.

Creatine has been the main stay for many bodybuilders because of its property of Cell Volumizing.

“Cell Volumizing” is a process were the creatine attracts additional quantity of water in to a cell and their by increasing cell Volumizing”.

Cell Volumizing not for athletes:

However in an athlete Cell Volumizing may not be suitable because of the enhanced water weight that athlete has to carry. E.g.:  A foot ball player using creatine may increase body weight by 2-3 kilos by creatine. All this extra weight will be water instead of muscle, so foot ball player is carrying heavier load. In addition because of the uptake of water into the cell, the muscle will get dehydrated fast and thus it has been seen in players using creatine get frequent dehydration and in most cases gets cramping.

When you should use Creatine

Creatine if at all should be used only during off season for building muscles of an athlete and increased muscle protein synthesis.

Using Creatine during On Season is an absolute NO NO. Instead an athlete should focus on amino acids which help the body to synthesize its own natural creatine. In fact creatine is made up of glycine, arginine and methionine.

Bodyfuelz MUSCLEMAX contains Arginine and Methionine which are the precursors for the production of creatine naturally. Supplementation with Bodyfuelz MUSCLEMAX ensures that an athlete or a bodybuilder gets a right amount of creatine production in his own body.

BBF Big Idea:dumbells

During off season training if an athlete wish to enhance muscle mass Creatine can be used, as it has the following benefits

–    Free  form creatine within the muscle cells has the ability to asmotically draw water into the cell which induces protein synthesis

–    Creatine acts as cellular buffer and maintains optimum PH and reduces fatigue by maintaining blood lactate levels.

–    Creatine supplementation will increase the reserves of creatine and creatine phosphate which help in energy production during events.

An athlete should consume 2-3 sachets of Muscle Max to ensure optimum creatine production with in the body.

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