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You and me every one experience stress in one or the other time in the life.

The word stress is derived from the Latin Word “Stringi”, which means “to be drawn tight”.

Your body tries to adjust to different circumstances or continuously changing environment around you. In this process the body is put to extra work, resulting in wear and tear.

In other word your body is stressed.

Stress disturbs normal way of functioning. It is one of the major risk factor for the diseases like CAD (Coronary Heart Diseases), Diabetes and Elevated Blood pressure. Stress can also be caused due to illness.

Who are prone to stress?

People with negative thinking, Aggressive behaviour, who are unable to fight bad situations, who lead a sedentary life style are more prone.

Do you know what happens in the body during stress!!!!!!!

Body tries to overcome Stress by “FIGHT OR FLIGHT” response. Yes, our body releases stress hormones to increase heart rate, blood pressure, supplying more oxygen and blood sugar to muscles in order to fight stress, hence the hormones got the name “FIGHT OR FLIGHT”.

Unfortunately this Fight or Flight hormones response has negative consequences like excitability, irritability, anxious. Thus greatly reduce the ability to work.

How to fight stress?

We can fight the stress causing Fight or Flight hormones by Exercise. Exercise is a good medicine.

When you exercise your body releases more endorphins, a neurochemicals  and Repair or Recovery hormones serotonin and  catecholamines that help to elevate mood, keeps body in a relaxed state and enhances positive thinking. With exercise we can reduce the secretions of Fight or Flight hormones in the body.

Exercises like walking, bicycling, aerobics and practicing yoga has been found beneficial in maintaining stress.

Good nutrition, Exercise and supplements keep a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.


Magnesium, Zinc, Essential fatty acids and amino acids are important stress busting nutrients.

Sources of these nutrients are Eggs, chicken, tuna, Green leafy vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, tofu, Cheese, Flax seed oil, coconut oil. Last but not the least fruits that can be included are Bananas, guava, raisins, figs and avocado.

Handling stress is as simple as going through it. It all depends on how you take it. “A situation can be stressful for some one but for other it may be challenging”.


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