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Diet and Nutrition Counselling

As part of our value added services to our customers we are offering Diet and Nutrition Consultancy for our customers.

For our customers:

All  our customers who buy BODYFUELZ products gets free Diet and Nutrtion counselling. On buying our products , they can further get in touch with us at our Toll Free Number : 1800-200-4500 and avail the service.

Our diet counsltancy services are done at our Office in Chennai or via Email, Chat and Telephone.

For Non-Customers ( Available in Chennai and Bangalore only ) :

If you are in Chennai or Bangalore , you can get customized Diet and Nutrition counselling done at our office . A complete Diet and Nutrition Analysis is available at a minimum cost of Rs.500.

About our Diet and Nutrition Counselling :

Step 1 :  We first calculate your Height, Weight, and your Fat Percentage

Step 2 :  We then understand your Diet on a typical day and calculate your calorie intake.

Step 3 :  Next, comes your fitness goal. Weight reduction ? Build Mass? Get tonned ? How about a well defined lean mass bod?  You need to tell us your fitness goals.

Step 4 : We then set about comparing what you eat the whole day ( calorie input) to your activity chart ( calorie output)

Step 5 :  We then tweak your diet into a balanced diet which will be highly customized to help you reach your fitness goals.

Step 6  :  The diet will be then mailed to you so that you can keep track of what you eat everday

Step 7 :   Finally, we will track your progress periodically to ensure you are on right track and help you reach your fitness goals .

To know more about how we can help you reach your fitness goals call us at 1800-200-4500

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