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Look who sent us a video on BODYFUELZ

We recently had one of our customers send us this video of him using BODYFUELZ MUSCLEMAX for his workouts. We loved the video to bits. For the first time we had a customer’s sent us, what we call: user generated vido, on BODYFUELZ and how BODYFUELZ products are helping in performance nutrition and better workouts.

Bishnu Adhikari is the dude who sent us the video. Bishnu is a promising young actor from the south. He is from AP, Hyderabad and has acted in a few Telugu movies.

Check out the video here and you can connect with Bishnu at his facebook id here.

BODYFUELZ aims to help sports players, athletes and fitnes enthusiasts to reach their fitnes goals through diet and nutrition.

Call us at 1800-200-4500 or mail at to understand more on how we can help you in reaching your fitness goals.

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