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Have a king’s breakfast to build muscle and burn fat – Part 1

Every athlete wakes up in the morning thinking that he/she should be faster, better, fitter today than yesterday. Or else his dreams of winning in his game would remain just that – Dream. Any serious athlete wants to improve his performance.

Every morning an executive wakes up thinking that he/should be productive, highly energetic with a Go-getter attitude. He too wants to improve his performance.

That wish puts breakfast as the most important thing you will feed your body every day! You better not go wrong with that…

High Performance Diet and why Breakfast is Important:

We recommend that you always try to get a solid 6-8 hours sleep every day.  During your sleep cycle, after the first 3-4 (halfway) hours, your body start its breakdown. There is no easy way to say it. We Performance Nutritionist call it – Catabolism (Muscle Loss). Your body has depleted its fuel after its last meal and begins to target the fat stored in your body for energy and muscles for amino acids.

Note: You need to know that your muscles are made of 6 types of Amino Acids – Glutamine (60%), BCAA (35%) and the rest being Arginine – these you will find in our products MUSCLEMAX ( to build well-defined muscles), FITNEZ ( for aerobics, dance and other low intense workouts and PWRSPORTS ( Endurance and stamina for athletes)

Basically, your body is into a fasting state for 6-8 hours. You must stop this catabolism of your body. You must break this state. That is why we call it Breakfast, which comes from “Break the Fast”

In order to break the fast, jump-start your metabolism and get your body into anabolic state you have to supply yourself with high quality protein, complex carbs and some good fats. Add a small dosage of Vitamins to the diet and you have an awesome breakfast.

Your body are made of Proteins. So it is vital that you give your body muscle-building amino acids. Sports Athletes can get it from egg whites ( and we recommend egg whites for its bio value and easy to digest format) but for working executives who have no time a good thing would be to have  low-fat milk & sprouts with fruits like banana .

One of the best ways to get the right nutrition after your workout/exercises is taking MUSCLEMAX or FITNEZ. Since this pure form amino nutrition requires less digestion than other sources of protein, muscle-building amino acids reaches the blood and muscles quicker, spontaneously starting growth and repair.

This is Nutrition convenience at its best. Just rip open a sachet, pop it in your mouth and wash it down with water.

At BODYFUELZ we offer customized Nutrition and Diet plans with next generation amino nutrition. Get in touch with us at or call 1800-200-4500 to see how we can help you become better high performance sports athletes, a fitter and productive professional or wanna plan your weight management program. We have solutions for you.

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to be continued…

9 Responses to “Have a king’s breakfast to build muscle and burn fat – Part 1”

  1. …????

  2. want to burn fat &grow my muscels

  3. Very ture….. but its strange few expert say its good to do cardio in the morning empty stomach!!!! I dont know how it works???? body in catabolic state only cuts muscles and no fat. How is will this help? Best is good nutritional backup in the morning.. the rest of the day will be good.

    • No Irfan, they are wrong. Never skip breakfast and never workout on empty stomach early morning. Have couple of biscuits at least before you go to gym early mornining

      Sri Vikas
      Brand Manager
      Team BODYFUELZ

  4. […] Have a King’s Breakfast to build muscle and burn fat – Part 2 We are continuing from our last blog on Having King’s breakfast to build muscle and burn fat – Part 2 […]

  5. Thanks this helpped me out alot. I appreciate it

  6. I believe it’s very important to have breakfast ever morning (this was hard for me because I don’t like eating until noon) but I forced myself to have a small bowl of oatmeal w/raisins in the morning. Now I am use to it.

    Since I started eating breakfast ever morning before my workout, I notice that the fat I had around my tummy started to drop off. (Now I really love breakfast : )

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