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Since 2005 Bio Bodyfuelz products has been the most prefered choice for serious Bodybuilders, strength training athelets and top sports players in India. Bio Bodyfuelz is a wholly owned subsidary of The Jhaver Group – A family owned conglomerate, The Jhaver Group is a 100+ year old business house; with over 6500 employees people across 45 offices. The group have businesses in pharmaceuticals, agro-chemicals, zippers and paper. ( 

Bio Bodyfuelz are pioneers in the manufacture and marketing of bioengineered Aminonutrition suppplements to meet the specific requirementts of sports and fitness enthusiasts.

We are in collaboration with Dr. Nutrition, a Singapore based Sports and Fitness Nutrition research Organization. Dr Nutrition has been successful in identifying the specific role of amino acids in the arena of Sports and Fitness. Proteins, the building blocks of life, are made of amino acids and thus a key component in muscle development and weight loss.Amino Acids supplements are used worldwide ti improve sports/excerise performance, increase muscle mass and hasten muscle recovery.

Bio Bodyfuelz aims at establishing Amino Acids as the next generation performance nutrition supplement in fitness.

Continue to read our blogs to know more about Aminonutrition.

You can also visit our site at to know more about bodyfuelz and the products we have to offer you.

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