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We usually associate police officers in India (at least down south) with big pot bellies and complete lack of fitness.

So, it was very heart-warming to know that a group of 9 police officers successfully completed 38-day cycling expedition covering about 3,840 km spreading awareness on fitness, freedom and environment.

Here are some key pointers which we should take note:

– The police officers undertook 1 month rigorous exercise to get fit before the expedition. This shows their dedication to fitness.

–   Police officers usually remain passive when it comes to environment. The fact that these brave hearts went one step further to create awareness on environment is highly commendable and inspiring

This brings us to the main point: about corporate athletes commuting to office with cycles.

We met many such corporate warriors during the Cyclothon Event held in Bangalore in the month of October. It was an awesome experience to personally meet such people who give so much importance to fitness and environment. Cycling is one of the best ways to lose those extra love handles and excess flab and get fit.

This event was organised by the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA) in association with TI Cycles.

TI cycles have been doing some awesome work in spreading awareness on fitness. Again great work by an Indian company

Here are some snapshots from Cyclothon Event held in Bangalore :


We are very happy to see Usain Bolt and Sanya Richards win the Athlete of the Year award.

An envious achievement indeed!

Now, we are thinking: why not put an Indian in that league? Why not make an Indian athlete win the Athlete of the Year Award? Is it enough to see only Indian cricketer’s win Player of the Year Award?

Be the Athlete you wanna be!

What does it take to be a world class, or what we call – Super Power Athlete? Is it the determination? Power?  Endurance? Stamina? Training?  Nutrition? What exactly does it take?

As a specialist in Performance Nutrition, we will be the first to tell you that unless you have the drive to win, no matter what training or world class nutrition you take, you are never going to be world class. You won’t make a dent in the Sports Universe.

But then, if you think, if you believe that you have it in you to win. If you have this crazy attitude to win no matter what the odds, then yes, Training and Nutrition will get you world class.

We won’t comment on Training. That, we leave it to you and your coach. You have to sweat it out to condition your body to be world class. Let’s talk about Performance Nutrition then, shall we?

Performance Nutrition: when world class is not enough

When you mix Crazy attitude to win with Training, you get a world class athlete. But world class is not enough.

You have to beat the best. You have to keep winning. You have to change the rules of the game. You have to be the High Performance – Game Changer t.  To be there, you need to bring the 3rd element in the troika (Attitude and Training being the other two) – Performance Nutrition.

What most Indian Athlete lack is not talent or training? That we have in plenty. We have 1 Billion in population, we can’t go wrong there. What most, no, all athletes lack is Nutrition!

Because nutrition is that fundamental element in making sure the athletes win matches and win it on a consistent basis.

BODYFUELZ and Performance Nutrition:

BODYFUELZ enjoys making professionals athletes win matches through Performance Nutrition. We did it with Sushil Kumar and he won the Bronze Medal at Beijing Olympics (the second Indian to win a match – the last one was in 1952 at Helenski). We are going to make sure Sushil wins the Gold in the next Olympics at London

Today, BODYFUELZ is working with  hundreds of athletes preparing for Common Wealth Games and London Olympics (2012) in shaping their foundation and Performance Nutrition. Our commitment to the Indian Athletics to support athletes aim for the Gold in every match they play.

Our strength is Performance Nutrition through Amino Nutrition.

If you are an athlete, sports player, or you know someone who belongs to the sporting arena, get in touch with us at 1800-200-4500 and tell us how determined you are to win matches and we will show you how it is done .


Are you a working women/ college student/ Homemaker? Don’t have time to work out in gym? Here are tips to get lean without spending much on Gyms, and not wasting time.

Get in to any  of the cleaning activities like cleaning book shelf, Cupboards, Dirty Lofts, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping and gardening for three days in a week, as these activities can easily burn  up to 300 calories.

  • Sweeping will burn 200 calories
  • Mopping, washing vessels and cleaning lofts will burn 300 calories
  • Cooking and gardening will burn 150 calories.



Activities like vacuuming/ washing clothes / ironing / cleaning the closets needed to get done anyway, so here we can save money and time.

Go ahead, Enjoy the benefits of getting lean and a clean house. Owners Envy, Neighbours pride ?

Talk to us to know more on how you can lose weight, reduce fat percentage and be energized the whole day.

Log on to or Call us at our Toll free number – 1800 200 4500.



BODYFUELZ FASTCHARGE has been helping sports Players and serious Athletes improve performance through Next Generation Performance Nutrition.

BODYFUELZ FASTCHARGE prevents dehydration, improves muscle performance and prevents fatigue while replenishing lost nutrients, vitamins and salts which is so vital to keep an athletes performance at peak levels.

Here are 2 videos on it :





Diwali: the season of bursting crackers, meeting friends/family and gorging on sweets. It is also the season where you pile on calories to the hilt.

And, post Diwali, you will notice that your weight has increased and how?

Now that Diwali Dhamakas are behind us, time has come to burn those extra calories and get back to shape.

The best, safest and the most effective way to lose weight:

  • Regular exercise
  • Proper diet and nutrition.
  • L-Carnitine – wonder molecule for weight management.


Enrol into a Gym today. If not gym, get outside and start Running, Jogging, Swimming. Just get into any sort of physical workout. Exercise begins the fat burn process.


Exercise will not get you anywhere if you don’t fuel your body with regular, balanced diet and nutrition. A customized and scientifically designed diet is one of the surest way you can jump-start your weight loss program.

L- CARNITINE: Wonder molecule for Weight Management

L- Carnitine is an essential nutrient present inside your body. The main role of Carnitine is to carry fatty acids from fat cells to the “Mitochondria” (the powerhouse of the cell) where fats are burned for energy production during your workouts.

L-Carnitine is also considered as the safest fat burner around.  One of the best ways to check out on the credibility of Carnitine is to visit your local pharmacy/food store and check out the ingredients of Lactogen (Nestle) and Immunace Syrup. You will not fail to notice Carnitine as part of the ingredients.

LACTOGEN as we all know is a baby food formula.

Read article on L-Carnitine here : L-Carnitine Information

Here area video on L-Carnitine you may want to check :

Other Benefits:

  • Prevents Ageing
  • Improves Immunity
  • Enhances Performance
  • Acts as Anti-Cholesterol Agent
  • Lowers Tri Glycerits levels
  • Improves Hair growth and Skin Texture

How BODYFUELZ help you to burn those extra calories?

As specialist in Diet and Nutrition, BODYFUELZ can help you in your weight management programmes. We have been helping top athletes, celebrities and fitness enthusiasts reach their weight management goals through customized Diet and Nutrition counselling.

We work with you on 1On1 basis to prepare customized diet charts, correct work out regimes and right supplements that suits your body.

The diet counselling sessions are conducted via over phone, on online, or by prior appointments at our head office. We understand your health problems by taking your medical history into consideration understand your fitness goals and accordingly plan diets.

BODYFUELZ FAT BURNER which contains the L-Carnitine is considered as one of  the safest vegetarian weight loss supplement in Indian market.

The best part is that on becoming our customer, the Diet and Nutrition Counselling will be completely complimentary.

Talk to our Dietician and Sports Nutritionists at 1800-200-4500 ( between 9.30 am to 7 pm ) or visit our website for more info.

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BODYFUELZ FITNEZ is the Next Generation sports nutrition to help you get great workouts and help you tone up your muscles. Check on BODYFUELZ  FITNEZ for more info

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You and me every one experience stress in one or the other time in the life.

The word stress is derived from the Latin Word “Stringi”, which means “to be drawn tight”.

Your body tries to adjust to different circumstances or continuously changing environment around you. In this process the body is put to extra work, resulting in wear and tear.

In other word your body is stressed.

Stress disturbs normal way of functioning. It is one of the major risk factor for the diseases like CAD (Coronary Heart Diseases), Diabetes and Elevated Blood pressure. Stress can also be caused due to illness.

Who are prone to stress?

People with negative thinking, Aggressive behaviour, who are unable to fight bad situations, who lead a sedentary life style are more prone.

Do you know what happens in the body during stress!!!!!!!

Body tries to overcome Stress by “FIGHT OR FLIGHT” response. Yes, our body releases stress hormones to increase heart rate, blood pressure, supplying more oxygen and blood sugar to muscles in order to fight stress, hence the hormones got the name “FIGHT OR FLIGHT”.

Unfortunately this Fight or Flight hormones response has negative consequences like excitability, irritability, anxious. Thus greatly reduce the ability to work.

How to fight stress?

We can fight the stress causing Fight or Flight hormones by Exercise. Exercise is a good medicine.

When you exercise your body releases more endorphins, a neurochemicals  and Repair or Recovery hormones serotonin and  catecholamines that help to elevate mood, keeps body in a relaxed state and enhances positive thinking. With exercise we can reduce the secretions of Fight or Flight hormones in the body.

Exercises like walking, bicycling, aerobics and practicing yoga has been found beneficial in maintaining stress.

Good nutrition, Exercise and supplements keep a Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.


Magnesium, Zinc, Essential fatty acids and amino acids are important stress busting nutrients.

Sources of these nutrients are Eggs, chicken, tuna, Green leafy vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, tofu, Cheese, Flax seed oil, coconut oil. Last but not the least fruits that can be included are Bananas, guava, raisins, figs and avocado.

Handling stress is as simple as going through it. It all depends on how you take it. “A situation can be stressful for some one but for other it may be challenging”.


Rice goes through a variety of processes before it reaches the consumer. After harvesting, the husk of the rice is removed by milling process which gives you the brown rice. The process that produces brown rice removes only the outermost layer, the hull, of the rice kernel and is the least damaging to its nutritional value. The complete milling and polishing that converts brown rice into white rice destroys 67% of the vitamin B3, 80% of the Vitamin B1, 90% of the Vitamin B6, half of the Manganese, half of the Phosphorus, 60% of the Iron, and all of the dietary fiber and essential fatty acids.


Brown Rice Vs White Rice

(  Click on the image to expand)


  • Brown Rice is Rich in Fiber and Selenium
  • Manganese-Energy Production Plus Antioxidant Protection
  • Lower Cholesterol with Whole Brown Rice
  • Phytonutrients with Health-Promoting Activity Equal to or Even Higher than that of Vegetables and Fruits


For more info on how we can help you reduce weight and lead a fit life , visit : or call our toll free number 1800-200-4500 .


Your body naturally produces Creatine in the liver, pancreas and kidney which is transported to muscles where it is converted to Creatine Phosphate (C-P System). This high-powered metabolite is used to regenerate the muscles’ ultimate energy source, ATP (adenosine triphosphate). It is an important bodybuilding supplement as it helps in protein synthesis.

Creatine has been the main stay supplement for athletes around the world. However creatine works on the C-P system which is creatine-phosphate system. This system will have reserves for a maximum of 6sec. Most games work beyond the zone of 6sec with the exception of power lifting and weight lifting.

Creatine has been the main stay for many bodybuilders because of its property of Cell Volumizing.

“Cell Volumizing” is a process were the creatine attracts additional quantity of water in to a cell and their by increasing cell Volumizing”.

Cell Volumizing not for athletes:

However in an athlete Cell Volumizing may not be suitable because of the enhanced water weight that athlete has to carry. E.g.:  A foot ball player using creatine may increase body weight by 2-3 kilos by creatine. All this extra weight will be water instead of muscle, so foot ball player is carrying heavier load. In addition because of the uptake of water into the cell, the muscle will get dehydrated fast and thus it has been seen in players using creatine get frequent dehydration and in most cases gets cramping.

When you should use Creatine

Creatine if at all should be used only during off season for building muscles of an athlete and increased muscle protein synthesis.

Using Creatine during On Season is an absolute NO NO. Instead an athlete should focus on amino acids which help the body to synthesize its own natural creatine. In fact creatine is made up of glycine, arginine and methionine.

Bodyfuelz MUSCLEMAX contains Arginine and Methionine which are the precursors for the production of creatine naturally. Supplementation with Bodyfuelz MUSCLEMAX ensures that an athlete or a bodybuilder gets a right amount of creatine production in his own body.

BBF Big Idea:dumbells

During off season training if an athlete wish to enhance muscle mass Creatine can be used, as it has the following benefits

–    Free  form creatine within the muscle cells has the ability to asmotically draw water into the cell which induces protein synthesis

–    Creatine acts as cellular buffer and maintains optimum PH and reduces fatigue by maintaining blood lactate levels.

–    Creatine supplementation will increase the reserves of creatine and creatine phosphate which help in energy production during events.

An athlete should consume 2-3 sachets of Muscle Max to ensure optimum creatine production with in the body.


The Papaya has been regarded as one of the tropical fruits that has medicinal value. It is a pear shaped fruit. The central cavity is surrounded by hundreds of small seeds. Ripe papaya is an excellent tonic for growing children, for pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is an energy giving food.

Papaya has all essential nutrients like Anti-oxidants including Vitamin C and Carotenoids, Bioflavonoids and Proteolytic enzyme Papain. These essential nutrients help in making healthy cardio vascular system, Digestive system and immune system.

The effectiveness of the papaya as a medicinal herb has been known for many years. But recently it was known that the Enzymes of the papaya were recognized medicinally.


  • Papain is a Proteolytic enzyme present in papaya has been found beneficial in treating Sports injuries.
  • This proteolytic enzyme aids in digestion of proteins
  • This enzyme is active over wide PH range helps body digest proteins and fats
  • This can help in conditions like bloating, Gas and Digestive disorders.
  • This enzyme has putative anti-inflammatory activity.

Role of the enzyme Papain in Treating Sports Injuries.

  • Shortens recovery time from sports injuries.
  • Reduce pain.
  • Reduce swelling.
  • Enhanced immune functions.
  • Improved circulation
  • Accelerated recovery from traumatic injury
  • Minimized inflammation.

Here is a presentation on the need for Next Generation Sports Nutrition for Cricketers