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Have a King’s Breakfast to build muscle and burn fat – Part 2

We are continuing from our last blog on Having King’s breakfast to build muscle and burn fat – Part 2

The Army of Carbohydrates:

There are 2 types of Carbohydrates: Simple and Complex.

Simple Carbs like sugar and refined wheat flour breaks down faster injecting blood sugar. Your body fights back with insulin to bring sugar to normal levels. This leads to Insulin Spike which leads to an energy crash.  An increase in sugar leads to fat deposit in your body.

Complex Carbs like Oatmeal, whole wheat bread, museli are broken down slowly thus keeping blood sugar stable and insulin levels normal.  Keep note that Complex Carbs have low “Glycemic Index”

Note: Glycemic Indx is a measure of how quickly carbohydrates are broken down into blood sugar.

The best time to take carbohydrates is after training, during breakfast as Glycogen reserves are low in the morning.

Carbs mixed with amino acids  reach muscle faster and start the growth process. This is one helluva kick-ass way to eat your breakfast post training/workout.

Try whole grains like brown bread in the mornings because they not only have complex carbs but also good source of protein.

You need fiber too:

It is a cardinal rule to have fibre in your breakfast as it breaks down carbohydrates in a unhurried manner. Slow digesting carbs helps you to stay lean. Fiber creates bulk in your food which helps you to keep your intestines clean and prevent constipation.

A lot of people we know take whey protein post workout. While we are not against whey, we suggest that you take it under supervision or advice of sports nutritionist. The problem is that most whey protein doesn’t contain fiber and hence may constipate you.

Nutrition Convenience:

If you find it tough to make oatmeal (it is costly too) then why not take the right amino acids your muscles need in the most convenient way possible. Take MUSCLEMAX or FITNEZ sachet, rip open the pack, put it in your mouth and wash it down with water or an energy drink.

According to most leading sports nutritionist taking amino acids before, during and post workout with breakfast is the most ideal way to build muscle, get lean and prevent muscle loss and hasten muscle recovery.

To conclude:

At BODYFUELZ we offer customized Nutrition and Diet plans with next generation amino nutrition. Get in touch with us at or call 1800-200-4500 to see how we can help you become better high performance sports athletes, a fitter and productive professional or wanna plan your weight management program. We have solutions for you.

Eat breakfast King Size!

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One Response to “Have a King’s Breakfast to build muscle and burn fat – Part 2”

  1. Great explaination of the different types of carbs. I am also glad to see the emphasis on fiber.

    James Reno

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